Our company

TECNO PRODIST, S.L is a creative company, with the enthusiasm and innovative spirit that knowledge of our sector gives us.

Our knowledge in construction comes from the experience of a family dedicated all its life to reform and construction that, together with our long history in the world of next-generation products in construction and waterproofing, results in a company with the capacity and knowledge necessary to solve each problem in construction from its roots in a technical and professional way, avoiding in many cases expensive and complicated works and obtaining great results.

Our wide range of products provide solutions to problems of humidity, leaks, surface treatment, special paints, cleaning, rehabilitation and construction.

We invite you to ask us about any product or problem in your work or home.

We provide sales service to individuals and professionals.


C/ Praga, 11
Pobla de Vallbona - VALENCIA - Spain

Phone: 962 117 117

Email: info@grupoprodist.com